The white deer are a priceless asset

(As printed in The Canandaigua Messenger, 12/14/2005)

“If you’ve never seen a white deer, you should. These animals, easily viewable on any given day as they graze by the roadsides of their Romulus sanctuary, have attracted nationwide attention…”


2 thoughts on “The white deer are a priceless asset

  1. I live in Shamong NJ zip 08088

    we border the warton state forest and this morning around 7:30 am

    while driving my son to school a white and black/brown dear
    crossed in front of our car , this dear has been spotted by my wife
    as well eairlier this year
    very strange to see

  2. Fulton Mo had a heard of white deer in 1959 when I was in school at Westminster College. In a fenced farm.

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