Seneca Army Depot Annual Hunt Information

The annual hunt at the Seneca Army Depot is administered by the US Army. Seneca White Deer is not involved. For more information contact Steve Absolom at [email protected]

16 thoughts on “Seneca Army Depot Annual Hunt Information

  1. I would love to find out more info on the annual hunt. Thank you for your time.

  2. Could you send me some info. regarding the hunting program that is advertised please .
    I live in Northern NY State and would like to find out how or if I would be eligable for a hunt there .
    Thanks Craig

  3. I heard about this place while on R&R from Afghanistan while home in Michigan. I am stationed at FT Drum, NY and would beinterested in information for the annual hunt there. The big thing for me trying to hunt there will be based off when I get back and block leave based off the hunting season. Thanks

  4. I am a US Army Reserve veteran(1981-1987). I’m a self employed firearms dealer and custom gunsmith and have been in business for 20 years. I recently had a customer tell me about the white deer hunt at the Seneca Army Depot and would be very interested in learning more about it and how to get invloved in a hunt. I’ve hunted whitetail all over with bow,gun and muzzleloader and would be honored to be given a chance to have an opportunity to hunt these white deer. Business name is Bedell Custom Guns and look forward to receiving more info from your organization.

  5. Please send me some information on hunting the White Tail. It would be a once in a lifetime oppertunity. Thanks

  6. Im a Sgt in the Marine Corps and live nearby. I’m an avid whitetail deer hunter and would be greatful for the opportunity to hunt in the Depot. Please let me know if it’s a possibility, thanks.

  7. I would like to get an opportunity to hunt on the Army Depot. Please send me information on how to be able to hunt there. Thank you

  8. I am a retired CSM. I did particapate in a White deer hunt in 2007 as a guest. I would like an opportunity to hunt again with me 16 year old son. Please send us the information to register.

  9. I’m an Iraqi vet 80%disabled an would love to
    Get some info on your annual hunt I live in northern
    New York. Thank you for your time

  10. I am from Northwestern Pennsylvania and I’m somewhat familiar with the “Depot” I did serve in the U.S. Army 68-70. I’m interested in the hunting opportunities in the Depot. If the hunting opportunity arises, I probably would not take a white deer, but a high scoring brown. Also, I would actually be much more interested in hunting with a camera, being a wildlife photographer, the photo opportunities abound inside the Depot. There is a wildlife photographers dream inside of that fence. What would the chances be of getting a one day pass to photograph deer inside the depot in the fall (before hunting season)?
    Thanks for your info.
    Rocky Holland
    Eagle-Eye Photography
    Kane, Pennsylvania

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  12. I live just outside the fence area and would like any information on hunting inside the fence. Who is allowed, what you are allowed to harvest and when.

  13. I just moved to Canandaigua, and recently heard about the hunting opportunity Seneca Army Depot offers. Could you please send me some information on the what the 2014 season is going to be. I am a 12 year military veteran, an ad would be honored with a chance to hunt there.