Our Vision: Recreational Land Use

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This Tourism Master Plan demonstrates our vision for the Depot.

The recreational potential of the former Depot is tremendous. With an exisiting infrastructure of over 100 miles of roadways and a basically flat or level topography, the Depot is a sleeping giant waiting to be used for passive and some forms of active recreation.

The 100 miles of roadways are mostly narrow pavement roadways on which the 519 igloos reside. Many of these roadways can be left to nature while others can be used for tours; especially the main arteries which entirely circle the Depot and the area known as the Conservation area, which is the core of the Depot.

These roadways represent the potential for horseback riding, hiking, biking, marathons, cross-country skiing, bird watching, wildlife photography etc.- the list can go on forever. Where else in the Finger Lakes region can you find such a large slice of land, several thousand acres, with an infrastructure already existing and begging to be used in a positive manner? The answer is nowhere.

The Depot also represents an area which can be easily utilized by people with physical disabilities, especially for touring and viewing the wildlife and learning about the military history.


Click for ways you can help Save the Depot

Existing infrastructure in the Depot can support many recreational opportunities (photo © Kimberly Sucy)