Our Mission

Seneca White Deer Inc. (SWD) is working to preserve the unique wildlife and military history of the former Seneca Army Depot through conservation, ecotourism and economic development.

SWD proposes an ecotourism center at the former Depot that would feature not only the white deer, but the fascinating military history of the site and the other wildlife “beyond the fence.” A key part of the concept entails creating a center in which the environment, the local community and the visitors all benefit. Ecotourists learn about and observe the environment in a way that protects the environment, while providing substantial economic benefits to the community.

Combining the unique military significance of the Depot and its artifacts with the outdoor recreation and wildlife preservation potential of ecotourism would only add to the Finger Lake’s huge tourism industry. Although the white deer serve as a focal point for our efforts, the full range of resources at the former Depot present valuable opportunities as a world-class ecotourism center. The construction, cost, development and economic impact on Seneca County necessary to create an ecotourism and military history center would be far less than needed for most industrial or commercial development.

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white deer stares deep into camera

The white deer of Seneca Army Depot are not albinos, but a recessive form of the typically brown-furred white-tailed deer.