Map: Tourism Master Plan for Seneca Army Depot

This new interactive map from Seneca White Deer provides a look into the interior of the Depot and allows viewers to zoom in on any area to see an amazing level of detail. We developed this new Tourism Master Plan map, to show the potential tourism facilities that could be developed on the former Depot.

Possible tourism facilities are shown as an overlay on the map, highlighting the former Depot’s potential as a contributor to the local economy. One option to return the bulk of the vacant facility into an ecotourism park that would draw tourists from around the world. For a deeper understand of this map, read New Interactive Map Shows Tourism Potential of Seneca Army Depot.


Source: mapformation illustrator Michael Karpovage developed this 3D perspective illustration of the Seneca Army Depot in Seneca County, New York (USA) for Seneca White Deer Inc. using Adobe Photoshop software during the Spring of 2013.