The Bids Are In…But We Still Need Your Help!

The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) reported that they have received 16 bids for property on the former Seneca Army Depot. That means that Seneca White Deer, Inc. (SWD) is bidding against 15 other parties for a piece of the Depot.


SWD President Dennis Money said, “It may be in IDA’s hands now…but it is not over! It’s important that the IDA members and the Board of Supervisors advisory panel hear from our supporters. They need to know how important our bid is to the future of the County, the white deer and the military history of the Depot. The public could lose all access to the deer that are the trademark of Seneca County if the wrong bids are accepted.”

Money also thanked all the SWD supporters who contacted the members of the Board of Supervisors earlier this year. “Even though they didn’t act in our favor, they heard the message loud and clear,” said Money, “and they need to hear it again!”

© Barbara Starr

© Barbara Starr

The IDA has said that it will not necessarily accept the highest bid, but will consider the best use of the land and which bid best benefits Seneca County. We feel our bid offers the best combination of community benefits and protection of the white deer that live on the Depot.

Please contact the following to voice your support for SWD’s bid. Let them know you support the Seneca White Deer, Inc. plan for the Depot.

The IDA members are the most important. They have not announced a panel to review the bids, so all are equally important. Many of the Board of Supervisors have heard from you, but it’s important to contact them again, because this is a different process and a different opportunity for us.

Cindy Lorenzetti, David Kaiser, Paul Kronenwetter and Gary Westfall are on the team that will review and advise the IDA’s bid review process.


IDA Board of Directors:

Thomas Macinski,  [email protected]

Steven Brusso,  [email protected]

Robert Kernan,  [email protected]

Thomas Kime,  [email protected]

Bruce Johnson, [email protected]

Cindy Garlick Lorenzetti,  [email protected]

Erica Paolicelli,  [email protected]

Stephen Wadhams,  [email protected]

Valerie J. Bassett,  [email protected]

The mailing address for IDA members is:

Seneca County Industrial Development Agency
Seneca County Office Building
One DiPronio Drive
Waterloo, NY 13165


Board of Supervisors:

All Supervisors,  [email protected]

Cindy Garlick Lorenzetti,  [email protected]

Alfred “Walt” Prouty Jr.,  [email protected]

David Kaiser,  [email protected]

Don Trout,  [email protected]

Gary Westfall,  [email protected]

Gregory P. Lazzaro,  [email protected]

Paul Kronenwetter, [email protected]

Lee Davidson,  [email protected]

Michael Reynolds,   [email protected]

Robert Shipley, [email protected]

Robert W Hayssen,  [email protected]

Ron McGreevy, [email protected]

Stephen J Churchill,  [email protected]

Greg Wadhams, [email protected]

Mailing address for the Board of Supervisors is:

Seneca County Board of Supervisors
Seneca County Office Building
One DiPronio Drive
Waterloo, NY 13165


County Manager

John Sheppard,  [email protected]


Special Thanks to the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce