Welcome to Seneca White Deer, Inc.

The former Seneca Army Depot is sealed behind 24 miles of fencing in Seneca County, New York…

The Depot, now a quiet, tranquil place giving way to ecological succession, is celebrated for supporting the largest herd of white deer (a recessive form of white-tailed deer) in the world.

Within the depot’s chain-link border lies years of fascinating Cold War military history waiting to be discovered. Retired by the U.S. Department of the Army in 2000, the former Depot has numerous buildings and artifacts of its history as a storage site for weapons from World War II to the first Gulf War.

White deer, which are a striking biological anomaly, roam freely within the Depot’s borders, charming onlookers and inspiring an ancient native American prophesy of impending salvation.

Our 501 c(3) nonprofit organization is committed to preserving this unique herd as well as the military secrets upon which they roam. Learn more about what we do and how you can help.