White Deer & Natural History

What are the White Deer of the former Seneca Army Depot?

The Seneca White Deer are a natural variation of the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), which normally have brown coloring.   Unlike albinos, these leucistic deer have normal pigmentation in their eyes and skin.

History of the White Deer

Several dozen wild white-tailed deer were probably caught within the fence that was built to surround the Seneca Army Depot in1941.  Isolated from predators and hunters, the deer population grew quickly.  The first white deer…(read more…)

Prophesy of the White Deer

Native Americans have a long history of respect for white deer which are sometimes referred to as the ‘ghost deer…’ (read more)


In 1941, most of the lands of the Depot had been in agriculture although there were a few pockets of…(read more..)

Audubon “Important Bird Area”

(read more)

Our Vision: Profitable Recreational Land Use

The recreational potential of the Seneca Army Depot is tremendous. With an exisiting infrastructure of over 100…(read more)